Know your enemy

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a virus that causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Virus and disease they cause often have different names because a virus is named based on it’s genetic structure, while diseases are named based on severity and treatment. So today my friends, we are going to get rid of the VIRUS, so that we may prevent the disease that has stricken our country so severely.

Hot Spots for Germs 

Viruses and germs have regular hangouts just like we do, they tend to stick to the items we definitely know about but may not think about.

– Kitchen sponges or cloths

– sinks

– cutting boards

– keyboards

– Home And cell phones

– office desks

– floors

– toilets

– door knobs

– light switches

These spots are extremely common and we are constantly touching these hot spots but being aware is half the battle because once you are aware of something, that gives you the power to change it.

See article (how to clean a bathtub) here 

What products disinfect COVID 19

Just because something is a “disinfectant” does not mean it will kill a virus. To keep this simple and effective let’s stick with our 2 main men.

Alcohol (70% at least) Ethyl alcohol


Alcohol is used in every hospital and every department in that hospital. It is extremely important to be sure the alcohol is concentrated enough to kill a VIRUS not just bacteria. We find it easier to use by pouring it on a microfiber cloth and running over every surface in the kitchen and bathrooms. Do not use Alcohol on your wood furniture because it could ruin the finish.


Bleach is extremely effective because of its active ingredient sodium hypochlorite. Mixing bleach with only cold water because hot water renders the bleach ineffective. Mixing a 1:100 solution (1 part bleach 99 parts cold water). Use a good amount of liquid on your surfaces. The bleach MUST sit for at least 10 minutes to kill any virus but it is 100% effective if done this way.

Disinfecting Laundry

All clothing placed in the laundry on a full cycle and regular detergent will be rid of the virus. Just like washing your hands. It does not have to be disinfectant or antibacterial to clean (which is why we wash our hands for 20 minutes). Be wary of placing the affected garments and bending into the washer. We tend to pick up a big pile without using a basket sometimes and now all those germs and bacteria are all over your hands, arms and face. After placing everything in the washer, ALWAYS wash your hands.

Knowledge is confidence

We all play a part in keeping our world, family and selves safe every day. Taking the time to google and learn about this virus and how to prevent it creates knowledge and with that knowledge and following through with the actions creates confidence that you have done everything right. That you put forth effort that you will do any and everything to protect the things you love the most.