Move In/Out Clean

In a Move In/Out Clean, we will clean all rooms of your home while paying extra attention to areas such as your appliances inside, kitchen cabinets inside,  bathroom cabinets inside, tub/shower, etc (see checklist below).


Move In/Out Clean (includes all items found in the Deep Clean)

Move In/Out Clean: Kitchen

  • Clean inside and outside of all major appliances like fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Clean and sanitize sinks and faucets
  • Scrub countertops and backsplash
  • Clean inside and outside of kitchen cabinets
  • Empty trash
  • Vacuum/sweep floor
  • Mop floor

Move In/Out Clean: Bathroom

  • Clean tub
  • Clean shower door and inside of shower
  • Clean toilet (inside and out)
  • Dust vanities and cabinets inside and outside
  • Clean and sanitize countertops
  • Clean and sanitize sinks and faucets
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust decorations
  • Empty trash
  • Vacuum/sweep floor
  • Mop floor

Move In/Out Clean: Bedrooms

  • Vacuum/sweep floors
  • Mop floors (if tile or hardwood)
  • Empty trash

Move In/Out Clean: Common Areas & Throughout Home

  • Vacuum/Sweep floors
  • Clean inside of sliding glass door (we do not clean outside)
  • Mop floors
  • Wipe handrails (if home is 2-story)
  • Vacuum/Mop stairs
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Dust blinds
  • Wipe top of washer and dryer
  • Empty trash

Move In/Out Clean: We DON’T Do

  • Steam carpet clean
  • Laundry or dishes
  • Pick up clothing from the floor or organize rooms
  • Wipe bulbs, screens, electronics, and glass fixtures – (this is important because we don’t want to break any of your valuables)
  • Clean chandeliers
  • Move or lift anything over 25 lbs
  • Step higher than 2 steps on a ladder
  • Clean biohazards (mold, blood, bodily fluids)
  • Clean after hoarding or high levels of trash/debris
  • Clean up animal waste
  • Clean cat litter box and on floor
  • Clean insects/rodents
  • Heavy scrubbing of walls/doors
  • Clean high to reach areas & windows
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Sweep or wash patios/garage

***We are unable to perform an initial walk-through to verify the size and condition of your home prior to service.  Therefore, our flat rate prices are based on certain assumptions about levels of cleanliness and the amount of effort required to clean your home.  We estimate a specific amount of time for the cleaning based on the information provided by the customer, and if we are unable to complete the work in the estimated time, then the customer will have the option to pay for extra time at our normal hourly rate or provide us with priorities that you would like us to complete in the time we have available.***

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