Cleaning glass shower doors is always a main topic of conversation when it comes to cleaning. If you have glass shower doors and relatively hard water, and if you use soap like most of us do, you probably have dealt with soap scum build up on glass. Mineral scales give the soap scum something to adhere to. When that happens on glass specifically, it can be a never-ending game of trial and error.

The most commonly used products are: Toilet bowl cleaner (high in alkaline). Bar keeper’s friend- the stovetop cleaner. Lime-Away. White vinegar. Kaboom (swears it’s the best for soap scum build up) and CLR. Out of all these products, the writer swore Bar Keeper’s Friend multi-purpose cooktop cleaner was the magic solution.

Since Bar Keeper’s Friend isn’t harsh like the other products, you can actually breathe when using it. I decided to choose this.

Here is the before of shower doors of a recent client (who gave us permission to post) I spray a great all-purpose cleaner first. Cleaning glass shower doors

You need to find a sponge that works but doesn’t scratch. I used two Scrub Daddies. One wet in hot water, one slightly dampened with cold water (for a little more scrubbing power. I then used a good amount of the Bar Keeper’s friend. I coated each side evenly.

cleaning glass shower doors

After this mix sits for 5 minutes, I take my cleaner and spray the entire door. I wipe with a dry towel cleaning everything off, then using a new dry towel until the solution is all cleaned up. Of course, for the finishing touch, you want to use a really great glass cleaner and an e-cloth. The end results were amazing! Another thing I have used and tested great was this bad boy. It’s not harsh at all. You can breath when using it and, surprisingly works great since it’s specially made for windshields. (Keep in mind-Some conditions may require another application of whatever method you choose)

Here at our maid service, Sudsy Buckets, we love to keep you informed with blogs that you can learn something from, so we test our methods! Our friends at Long Island Maids, also have a great blog section you can keep up with and stay informed!

These are the end results! Woohoo!

cleaning glass shower doorscleaning glass shower doors