Cleaning clutter is a task that often reflects a person’s ability to let go of items they no longer use, or items that may have never even used. They take up valuable space and can make your home feel crowded. A lot of times you think to yourself, “Oh, I may want to use that one day.” Or, “This could come in handy for something.” Then it sits in a drawer, on top of a dresser, in a closet, or on other noticeable places, occupying space that you could declutter and make something useful with the space. I would prefer to just clear it and keep unsightly things out of sight. If you have this common problem of letting things (that really are just clutter) go, or if you don’t know when or what should be tossed, here are some questions to ask yourself about each item when cleaning clutter:

cleaning clutter

Question #1: Is this an item I love and use regularly?

Question #2: Am I saving this item “just in case?”

Question #3: Is this item really worth taking up space where it is stored? Could I use this space for something else?

Question #4: Junk mail- Am I recycling it right away, or holding on to coupons and flyers I think I may use…but I never use!? Don’t let it add up.

Question #5: When is the last time I wore it? Do I like the way it fits me? Can it be donated?

Question #6: Is my plan realistic when I say I will “use it someday?”

Question #7: Got some old makeup, perfume, or body wash you’re never going to use? Toss it! They DO expire and can be replaced.

Question #8: Have I used this in the last year?

Question #9: Is it in working condition?

Question #10:  Would I miss it if it were gone?

Question #11: Do I have duplicates of this item?

Question #12: If I were to move would I want to take it with me?

Question #13: Paperwork- Do I have a use for this? Can it be shredded in a paper shredder?


Common areas to start cleaning clutter are your:



On top of your dresser

Coffee tables, end tables, and night stands

Laundry room




The best way to get a kick start on your decluttering is hiring cleaning services in Tampa. A house cleaning service will really help keep areas sanitized and tidy so you can focus on decluttering since you know your personal items best.

Decluttering reduces stress. You won’t spend minutes chaotically searching for an important document or item because you can’t find it, everything should have it’s place. Decluttering should be done once a year. Life gets easier the more you learn to live minimally. :)

cleaning clutter