Cleaning baseboards is a task that can easily be forgotten. Just the idea of having to get down on the ground….baseboards ALL along the edges of a home… Talk about an all day project, so I can understand why it’s a task that we avoid. What’s the best way to clean them? There are tons of baseboard cleaning tools. If you happen to not have a tool, here are 3 of my recommended ways to get the job done.

Baby Wipes

Sounds weird, right? Baby wipes are nice and soft, the liquid in the wipe is controllable and over-all clean really well. I use the Pampers. :) I then take a dry microfiber cloth and polish all along the baseboards with orange essential oil.

Castile soap cleaner (for a heavy clean)

cleaning baseboardsCleaning baseboards are a task we all know is usually neglected. When it comes time for a deeper clean, or if you are moving out of your home and need to prepare it, using this method is the best way to ensure they are getting clean. Remember to always dust first! (I usually just use a dry microfiber and wipe all along the baseboards)

  • Get a bucket and fill it with warm water, Castile soap and a few drops of orange essential oil.
  • Get a microfiber towel wet with the cleaning solution and wipe along the entire baseboard. Dry after cleaning.

Borax and baking soda cleaner (for when you need something heavy duty) cleaning baseboardsThis is my favorite method for cleaning baseboards that haven’t been cleaned in years and is built up with grime that needs cutting! Borax is a natural mineral stain remover and brightener, so it’s perfect for those pesky white baseboards. Remember to dust first;) Here’s all you need:

  • A bucket with borax and baking soda (I do a 1/2 cup of each) Add hot water
  • Add lemon or orange essential oil
  • Soak a towel in the cleaner, wipe along the baseboards
  • Dry and polish with orange essential oil (optional)

I don’t think cleaning baseboards are hard, but it is tedious and it’s a task that most likely isn’t at the top of someone’s list. Another tip I have heard is running a dryer sheet along the baseboards to repel dust longer.  If you just don’t have time, hire a cleaning service Tampa they always take care of all the details!  Don’t let your baseboards suffer!

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