Lakeland, FL Professional House Cleaning

All work and no play will inevitably bring stress. Stop wasting your precious time at home hands-deep in cleaning products and sponges. Let our professional and experienced cleaning teams take the hassle out of your life!

What are the Benefits of Our Services?

  • Our thorough cleaning plans ensure that we always satisfy all your needs.
  • We provide a team of 2-3 professionally trained cleaners every time.  
  • Our team leaders do a complete quality assurance check upon completion to ensure Sudsy Buckets’ high-quality standards.
  • Our management team schedules planned and spontaneous walk-throughs to confirm our quality expectations are continually performed.
  • We compensate all employees with payroll taxes and benefits.
  • Our cleaning professionals are also compensated through a combination of hourly pay and pay bonuses. This ensures our cleaning staff gives your home a quality clean since your feedback directly affects their bonus.
  • We provide all our own materials and equipment needed to make your home shine!

Lakeland, FL

House Cleaning
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House Cleaning
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Sudsy Buckets House Cleaning,Lakeland,Florida- Telephone No.813-489-5160
Lakeland, Florida
Sudsy Buckets is your #1 choice for house cleaning and maid services in Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas.