Dusty areas around our home can be found in some pretty common areas. These popular areas are places like bookshelves and pictures frames, entertainment centers, and bedroom furniture. Places that are visible to the eye, usually get the most attention. But, there are some key areas around your home that should be getting dusted regularly. Unfortunately, these common areas that attract dust are often left forgotten.

1. Air vents

Over time your air vents collect dust. Remember to change your air filters. But, when you notice dust start to accumulate just take a duster and a wet cloth to clean the vents. :)

dusty areas

2. Behind appliances

Another commonly forgotten dusty areas- behind your oven and fridge. It can get terrible around there. Since there is wiring and electric around those items, it’s specially important to keep this free of dust.  Neglecting to clean behind your appliances can block air vents, causing the appliance to draw more energy. It also shortens the lifespan of the appliance. Your refrigerator vent at the bottom should be removed, cleaned, then clean the coils. Most appliances pull out and push in easily. See here on how to clean fridge coils. 

3. Underneath area carpets and rugs

It’s easy to clean around your area rugs if they are large, or if you have furniture on top. Every 6 months or so, you should plan to move the furniture and remove the area rug to clean underneath it. You’ll be surprised how much dirt, dust, and debris there is. dusty areas

4. Behind furniture

To make things easier, I leave my furniture slightly pulled forward rather than right up against the wall, so I can easily clean behind it. Avoid putting furniture in front of an air vent. Entertainment centers is a crucial area to make sure you leave space behind to dust the cords and vacuum.

5. Light fixtures and ceiling fans

For light fixtures, I like to keep Swiffer refillable dusters around. I dust them monthly.

dusty areas

For ceiling fans I like this kind of duster:

dusty areas

6. Your laundry room

Your laundry room can easily become one of these common dusty areas. Lint and debris from dirty clothing often accumulate in your laundry room and behind your dryer. Like I advised above, leave enough space between the wall and dryer so you can vacuum the vent and any loose dryer lint. If it becomes clogged, it can lead to a fire!

dusty areas

If you need help, getting a deep clean from www.raincitymaids.com and hiring a house cleaning service, can help you complete these tasks, getting your home back to 100%!